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Wiles Law is a full service Estate, Tax, and Business Planning Law Firm dedicated
to helping families preserve their legacy through wealth protection and preservation strategies.

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Founded in 2007, Wiles Law is a full-service Estate, Tax and Business Planning law firm with offices in South Carolina. Wiles Law assists clients with wills, trusts, probate, wealth transfer, and tax and business planning. The attorneys at Wiles are committed to helping individuals and business owners plan for their families, protect their assets and preserve their legacies through wealth preservation and tax strategies as well as multi-generational planning.

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Best Probate Attorneys in Charleston

Chosen as Best Probate Attorney in Charleston

Thank you Charleston for entrusting us as your estate planning partner and advocate throughout the Probate Administration process. Expertise uses public databases and customer referrals to collect an exhaustive list of local businesses, validating their qualifications, certifications, and reputation. Their ratings are based on professional databases, review scores and ratings. Thank you for this honor! We’re here to help you “Protect More” every step of the way.

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