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Wiles Law is a full service Estate, Tax, and Business Planning Law Firm dedicated
to helping families preserve their legacy through wealth protection and preservation strategies.

Our mission has remained steadfast since our establishment in 2007: to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to protect and preserve their wealth. Your legacy is more than just assets - it's a testament to years of hard work in achieving your grand aspirations.

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About Us

Founded in 2007, Wiles Law is a full-service Estate, Tax and Business Planning law firm with offices in South Carolina. Wiles Law assists clients with wills, trusts, probate, wealth transfer, and tax and business planning. The attorneys at Wiles are committed to helping individuals and business owners plan for their families, protect their assets and preserve their legacies through wealth preservation and tax strategies as well as multi-generational planning.

Estate Planning


Crafting a will or trust is crucial for an effective estate plan. We focus on meticulously drafting legally binding documents that not only withstand scrutiny but also articulate your intentions with clarity.

Wealth Preservation Planning

Safeguarding your wealth for future generations is our utmost priority. Our tailored strategies are dedicated to minimizing the weight of tax obligations while fortifying your assets against potential liabilities.

Asset Protection 

Our asset protection opportunites can help fortify the preservation of your estate.

Durable Power of Attorney

In addition to safeguarding your wealth, planning for incapacity is equally paramount. Therefore, a Durable Power of Attorney becomes a crucial instrument. With a recorded Power of Attorney, a trusted individual will have the authority to make essential financial decisions on your behalf should the need ever arise.

Charitable Planning

As part of your estate plan, we are happy to help discuss charitable planning. This allows you to create a lasting legacy of philanthropy and generosity that resonates with your values and ideals. We are here to help you maximize the positive impact of your contributions.

Special Needs Planning

Caring for a loved one with special needs demands careful planning. Therefore, we help you craft solutions that safeguard their financial future while ensuring they retain eligibility for crucial benefits. Our approach allows your loved one to receive the necessary support no matter what happens.

Estate Probate

Probate is a legal process that occurs after an individual passes away and it involves validating, distributing and settling their assets. While this is a necessary procedure for effectively administering wealth, it can be a complex affair, adding stress to an already vulnerable situation. 

This is why acquiring the services of an estate attorney in Charleston, SC, is critical. 

Attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of complicated probate laws and regulations. With a Charleston estate planning attorney on your team, you ensure the probate is executed accurately, therefore minimizing the risk of disputes among beneficiaries. In addition, an estate attorney in Charleston, SC, can help optimize the probate process. They streamline administrative tasks and ensure that all required documents are filed promptly.

With our probate lawyer in Charleston, SC, grieving families gain peace of mind knowing that their loved one's wishes will be carried out meticulously, allowing them to focus on the emotional aspects of their loss.

Trust Administration Services

Navigating trust administration can be a labyrinth of legal intricacies, making professional assistance indispensable. We excel at guiding you through this complex landscape, guaranteeing adherence to all prerequisites. Our expertise encompasses document handling, asset valuation and beneficiary distributions. We also prioritize fiduciary duties so your trust assets are diligently managed and dispersed as intended.

Probate Settlement

Our firm is your dedicated partner throughout the probate process, addressing every facet with precision and expertise. We begin by cataloging and valuing assets, a critical step in the probate journey. Next, our probate lawyer in Charleston, SC, will assist the personal representative settle outstanding debts and taxes, ensuring creditors are paid from the estate and alleviating financial burdens on family members. With our support, you can confidently complete probate proceedings.

Tax Planning

Estate Tax & Wealth Transfer Planning

Our services are specially designed to protect your legacy. An estate planning attorney in Charleston will carefully assess your estate to help ensure more of your hard-earned wealth passes on to your heirs.

Preserve Your Legacy with Generation Skipping Tax Planning

Generation-skipping tax (GST) planning is vital for preserving wealth across generations. Our Charleston estate planning attorney can help you ensure a seamless transfer of assets to your grandchildren or other beneficiaries.

Estate & Gift Tax Planning

Gifting can be a powerful way to support loved ones but can also have tax implications. Our estate planning in Charleston, SC, solutions will provide the strategies needed to make tax-effective gifts while reducing the impact on your estate.

Tax Planning

Business Succession Planning

A well-crafted business succession plan is essential for ensuring the seamless transition of your business to the next generation of new owners. Our business succession planning services are made to guide you through this complex procedure. Our estate planning attorney in Charleston will work closely with you to identify potential successors, create a structured transition plan and address potential challenges. This guarantees the continued success of your enterprise.

Customer Testimonial

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Wiles Law is your ally in safeguarding assets, minimizing tax liabilities and preserving your hard-earned wealth. Since our foundation, we have been committed to assisting individuals and business owners to create thoughtful plans prioritizing legacy preservation. 

Our team of seasoned professionals brings knowledge and expertise to the table, and they are always ready to guide you through legal, financial and strategic intricacies. We understand that each client's situation is unique, which is why our estate planning services in Charleston, SC, are tailor-made to meet your specific needs. With us, you can trust that your goals are at the forefront of our strategies. 

You can confidently embark through the intricate realm of wills trusts and estate planning with Wiles Law by your side. If you are ready to take the first step in securing your future through expert legal counsel, contact Wiles Law Firm, LLC today for a personalized consultation. You can reach us by calling (843) 718-0232 or filling out the convenient appointment scheduling form.

Best of Mount Pleasant Award

Chosen as Best Attorney for Trusts and Estates

Thank you for entrusting us as your estate planning partner and advocate throughout the Probate and Administration process.

It is truly an honor to be named "Best of Mount Pleasant" Best Attorney for Trusts and Estates. This award was acquired without soliciting a single vote. It is the result of our hard-earned reputation in Charleston, which is quite touching.

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