End of 2020 Checklist

Since things have been in a constant state of flux this year, we haven’t always had the time to take inventory of the changes and how they impacted us. Especially how they may have impacted our estate plan. As we look forward to 2021, there is still an opportunity at the end of 2020 to make sure you have accomplished your goals or have adjusted for the changes you’ve experienced.

Please take a moment to review our end of the year checklist to see if your wishes reflect your current state of affairs, how you would like your assets distributed or your healthcare delegated. Contact one of our experienced estate planning attorneys to help you quickly update as needed.

  • I like who I have selected as my Trustee(s). Yes __ No __
  • My Trustee(s) are up-to-date with my current wishes. Yes __ No __
  • My legal guardians are up-to-date for my minor children. Yes __ No __
  • My beneficiary designations are current and list contingencies. Yes __ No __
  • I have a Durable Power of Attorney to protect me. Yes __ No __
  • My estate is protected through a Trust or LLC.  Yes __ No __
  • I have moved new bank accounts into the name of the Trust. Yes __ No __
  • I have set up continuing Trusts to protect my children from creditors, and other attacks. Yes __ No __
  • I have funded my Trust, including retitling all important accounts and documents.Yes __ No __If
  • I have recently moved to South Carolina, I have updated my estate to new or applicable SC law. Yes __ No __
  • I have considered purchasing long-term care insurance. Yes __ No __
  • I understand how to safely gift money, tax free, by the end of the year. Yes __ No__

If you answered “No” to any questions, remember that things can shift quickly in your life and it’s important to protect yourself and your heirs. You matter, and your wishes matter. Let’s make sure they are updated and protected today. The State of South Carolina will only uphold your most recent legally approved changes or new submissions, not write-ins. Such amendments may even have your Will thrown out or ruled invalid. It’s important to work with an experienced attorney to ensure your legacy is updated and protected. Take control of your future and call us today for a free consultation!