When Should I Update My Estate Plan?

An estate plan must be updated regularly to ensure that your intentions align with the plan’s purpose.

Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s take a look at the five common estate planning mistakes to avoid.

What to Consider When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

A list of considerations to help you make an informed decision when hiring an estate planning attorney.

Is your Estate Updated?

Tax changes are coming. Are You ready?

Tax changes are coming. Are You ready?

Tax changes are coming…

How President Biden’s Agenda Could Affect Your Money

How President Biden’s Agenda Could Affect Your Estate

Top Planning Mistakes to Avoid

As the immediate economic impact of the pandemic begins to lift, it is understandable that many consumers, especially millennials, became interested in DIY estate planning during the pandemic to save on costs. Unfortunately, not all that comes cheaper is worth the price you pay—whether now or…

Estate Planning for Travel

Now that domestic travel and some international travel restrictions are lifting, many are wondering how they can protect themselves and their families as much as possible while abroad. As the new Delta variant of the virus begins to spread, while travel begins to increase, estate planning for…

12 Things Your Real Estate Attorney Wished you Knew

June 2, 2021 by Lexi Klinkenberg Buying or selling a home can be a long and sometimes difficult process, especially if you have never done it before. From working with an agent to hiring a real estate attorney it’s important you don’t miss any key steps throughout the process. Whether you live in in Phoenix, AZ, Denver, CO,…